Monday, June 28, 2010

Assam Fruit: Love Your Summer Wardrobe

Avoiding carbohydrates and using an appetite suppressant such as Assam fruit can help make summer a reason to celebrate - not a season to dread!

Dressing for summer should never be a chore. But for those who don’t like cutting back, the perfect summertime outfit won’t be very forgiving. Especially for those of us who splurge a little too much during parties and barbecues during the summer—after all, you don’t want to wallow at home in regret when you spot that perfect bikini or sun dress.

Since mini-skirts and short floral dresses are often top wardrobe picks for women wanting to keep cool, it’s important to tone the areas of your body that you’re most self-conscious about. Unfortunately, most people struggling with their weight will suffer in the heat before revealing their legs, arms, or any other revealing body part that makes them uncomfortable.

With a health fruit like Assam, however, it may be easier to slip into something more comfortable, and show off those arms and legs. Though your diet is also important when it comes to slimming down, Assam fruit makes weight loss easier to achieve because it increases metabolism and cuts out those awful afternoon carb cravings. To date the only way to consume Assam fruit is through an all-natural weight loss supplement called AllDaySlim.

If you're serious about toning up before the first heat wave hits, it might not be a bad idea to give AllDaySlim a try. What have you got to lose?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dieters: Use Assam Fruit to Compensate for Low Calorie Diets

Calorie intake has long been heralded as the most important factor for people trying to lose weight. But recent studies show that low-calorie intake isn't enough for most people trying to shed extra pounds. The study, conducted in Oregon at the Oregon Health and Science University, suggests that low caloric intake may leave people with less energy to exercise. That's why energy boosters like AllDaySlim can help dieters keep active and healthy all day long. The active ingredient in All Day Slim, Assam fruit, has thermogenic properties known to boost metabolism. This energy boost can help you overcome the sluggishness associated with dieting.

Dr Judy Cameron, the lead scientist on the study, explained that the "research shows that simply dieting will not likely cause substantial weight loss. Instead, diet and exercise must be combined to achieve this goal."

But as we’ve all likely experienced, it can be difficult to find the energy needed to exercise while maintaining a low-caloric intake. There are many ways to increase energy, such as consistently sleeping for longer periods, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and taking daily supplements.

There are a variety of energy boosting supplements available on the market, but Assam fruit, found in All Day Slim, is one of the best ways to naturally enhance your drive to exercise and stay active. A daily boost can help you seize the day with the vigor and enthusiasm you need to slim down.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Assam Fruit: Hiding Food Helps Dieters Shed Pounds

What's one way to lose weight? Be active! Assam fruit, the active ingredient in AllDaySlim, an all-natural weight loss supplement, provides a natural energy boost that will keep your metabolism working long after you’ve stopped working out. The supplement comes in pill form, which making it easier than ever to ingest.

Also, interestingly enough, reported a recent study performed by writer and Cornell professor Brian Wansink that suggests another simple way to slim down might be to hide your food after serving it.

Research presented at this year's Experimental Biology conference hosted in Anaheim, California, suggests that when food is out of sight, people will be less tempted to eat it.

The study of 78 people showed that on average people ate 20 less calories when the food was kept out of sight. Now there's motivation to keep the serving dishes off the table!

There are many simple techniques similar to those suggested by this recent study. But what could be simpler than taking a single daily supplement? AllDaySlim is the easiest way to give yourself that extra push to get past weight-loss plateaus and motivation loss. Turning carbs into fat, it does a majority of the work for you, so even while you’re working hard, AllDaySlim is working harder.

Assam fruit and "Miracle Berry" Provide Unique Alternatives to Dietary Supplements

"Flavor tripping" is one of the latest crazes, but can it be used for dieting? If you’re one of the few people left who hasn't tried flavor tripping, you're in for a sweet treat.
A fruit called “miracle berry", once ingested, can turn sour or spicy foods sweet. For up to an hour after eating the berry, foods like lemons, tabasco sauce, bitter chocolate and even tequila taste like candy. Some have begun to use the fruit to satisfy a sweet tooth while eating healthier foods.
Fruit used in dietary supplements isn’t anything new in the dieting world. AllDaySlim, in fact, harnesses the power of Assam fruit, which has thermogenic properties that can boost metabolism and energy.

Though the "miracle berry" isn't guaranteed to raise energy levels, it might come in handy for people who find themselves craving candy and sugary, baked goods.

Why not give these unique fruits a whirl? Together they can help you curb your sweet cravings and give your metabolism a kick. AllDaySlim and the occasional flavor trip may be the "miracle" you need to hit your target weight.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Try Fruit with All Day Slim After a Rich Meal

Family gatherings usually involve large, home-cooked meals, or a nice dinner out. While it’s easy to have a great time, it’s even easier to eat more than you intended. With a supplement like , AllDaySlim though, this indulgence won't throw your diet plans down the drain.

AllDaySlim works to turn carbohydrates into energy instead of allowing the body to store them as fat.

While taking AllDaySlim can help smooth out one day of overeating, trying to sneak in more fruits and vegetables into to your diet can only improve your diet.

As noted by, there are many wonderful antioxidants and vitamins in fruit that can help prevent joint inflammation and too many free radicals from accumulating in your body. Fruits can help minimize the negative effects of a heavy, rich meal on the body and help you feel better healthwise.

Staying slim takes work, but with a supplement like AllDaySlim, maintaining your figure will seem to take no effort at all. Why? Because the most active ingredient in All Day Slim is Assam fruit, and it’s remarkable extract has been used for centuries in Eastern medicine to decrease appetite and boost metabolism without having to work out five days a week. Plus, AllDaySlim allows indulgences once in awhile. What supplement does that?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Assam Fruit Helps Runners Hit the Pavement

In the winter, it's easy to fall off of the exercise wagon. Holiday parties lead to winter vacations, the February-slump, and before you know it, beach season has arrived and you're looking less-than-fit. However, a dietary supplement like Assam fruit will help you get back into tip-top shape.

In the winter, it's easy to fall off of the exercise wagon. Holiday parties lead to winter vacations, the February-slump, and before you know it, beach season has arrived and you're looking less-than-fit. However, a dietary supplement like Assam fruit will help you get back into tip-top shape.

Assam fruit, when taken in pill form, has a powerful thermogenic effect on the body and will quickly boost your metabolism. Those who like to eat sweets like chocolate and ice cream can indulge without feeling guilty - their body will effortlessly burn off excess calories and carbs.

Burning off simple carbohydrates and converting them to energy, Assam fruit makes it easier to gather the motivation necessary to commit to a running plan.

For runners who took a break from their exercise routine over the winter months, the Boston Marathon, which took place earlier this week, is a reminder to strap on their running shoes and hit the pavement. When combined with a diet aid like Assam fruit, runners can be back in their skinny jeans in no time!

Assam Fruit Can Help New Moms Lose Weight

Many new moms are self-conscious about the weight they’ve have gained after child birth and are reluctant to don revealing summer clothes. However, those worried about looking svelte during the warmer months will find an appetite suppressant like Assam fruit exceedingly beneficial.

New moms shouldn't have to starve themselves to look and feel beautiful this season. After all, what fun is a barbecue without a hot dog and chips?

Assam fruit will reduce your craving for sweets, while speeding up your metabolism and making it possible to lose weight effortlessly while still indulging every now and then.

Assam fruit targets areas that are notoriously hard to work on, like the stomach, so that moms can feel confident in bathing suits without hardcore dieting.

When taken in pill form, Assam fruit has a thermogenic effect on the body, which allows your body to produce heat to burn fat for energy. High-carb snacks like strawberry shortcake or fruit salad will be quickly burned off, leaving you free to enjoy yourself without worrying about the consequences.